real esate school marylandSUCCESS STORIES: Read what our students have to say about the True Apprentice program and how it turned ‘theory’ into money in their pockets! If you enroll for our mentoring program, you’ll be able to talk to these students and ask them what they’ve learned from Ed that’s made them serious money. <READ MORE>

Learn and Earn- True ApprenticeLEARN AND EARN Earn while you learn! Many aspiring investors get caught up in a cycle of ‘getting ready to get ready.’ They go to seminars, take courses and read books — but never get down to actually investing. Many of our students have spent over $100,000 on courses, seminars and bootcamps, but never made a dime until they joined us. <READ MORE>

Ed Rooney With Real Estate StudentsABOUT THE PROGRAM: Ed Rooney’s True Apprentice Mentoring Programs ‘SHOW’ You How to Make REAL Money as a Real Estate Investor … IF you’re serious! Have you always dreamed about real estate investing, but never trusted the ‘hype’ you hear out there, so you’ve just not tried? Maybe, like some of our students, you’re a realtor or broker and already know how lucrative it can be to invest in real estate. <READ MORE>

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